There are different visas to come to Australia, one is for you. Tourist visa, Working holiday visa, student visa.


There are many different visa types that the Australian immigration allows to citizens of other countries in order for them to live, work and study in Australia.

The visa will depend on some factors like, citizenship, professional experience, and qualifications; there is a visa that better suits you which will allow you to have the experience you desire in Australia.

Think Australia does all the visa processes with the Australian Immigration and Border protection department.

Some visa types:

Tourist: You have no legal permission to work. You can study full-time for up to 12 weeks.

Working Holiday: Available only for passport holders of selected countries. This visa lasts for one year. There is the possibility to renew it for some passport holders but under some conditions. Visa holders can work full-time and study is allowed up to 3 months only.

Student: Australia is known for welcoming thousands of international students every year who look for an experience abroad where they can learn a new language, meet new people and culture and after all, return to their country of origin as a better qualified professional and with competitiveness in the job market.

Student Visa is how thousands of people migrate temporarily to Australia.

From July 2016 every student visa application will have to be submitted online (with some exceptions). Think Australia has professionals in this area who will guide you throughout the process.

A documentação necessária varia de caso para caso, por isso recomendamos uma consulta! Alguns documentos solicitados são:

  • ★ Passport ( minimum of 6 months expiry date from the date of travel)
  • ★ Offer Letter and COE issued by the Australian College after payment
  • ★ Evidence of English Proficiency (IELTS,TOEFL,PTE, Cambridge) when requested
  • ★ OSHC - Compulsory student insurance
  • ★ Financial capacity evidence ( not always necessary), last 3 months of bank statements
  • ★ The Australian government demands evidence of minimum amount of AUD20290 /year for student visa applications. There are different ways of providing this evidence

Há outros documentos a serem anexados ao processo, mas estes podem variar e serão indicados pelo agente dependendo de cada caso

Obrigações para com o visto de estudante:

  • ★ Satisfy academic obligations
  • ★ Maintain 80% and above class attendance
  • ★ Work a maximum of 20 hours weekly after classes whilst course in progress
  • ★ Inform the school and agency of any changes in address or telephone
  • ★ Maintain a valid health insurance
  • ★ For more information, please visit DIAC website.

Information available on DIAC website