Jobs in Australia

What are the job opportunities like in Australia and how easy is it to get a job?

Jobs in Australia

Australia is a country in process of fast economic growth where there are many career opportunities in any field. It is part of the Australian culture to have a multicultural work environment which means foreigners and international workforce are welcome in the country and in the Australian job market.

There are many different types of terms of employment, they can be:

Casual: Shifts can be distributed throughout the week without much regularity; sometimes you will work as a substitute worker.

Part-time: The hours worked are equal to an average of 20 hours distributed in more regular shifts.

Full-time: Often means the employee has a signed contract or a verbal agreement in which both parts decide that the employee will work an average of 40 hours per week.

Contractors: They are workers who work for themselves however they may sell their services to other companies or individuals using an Australian business number (ABN), common to the construction industry.

Trabalha-se uma média de 6 dias por semana, 8 horas por dia.

The most sought jobs by students in Australia as a first step are:

  • ★ Construction
  • ★ Restaurants
  • ★ Nanny
  • ★ Cleaner
  • ★ Delivery
  • ★ Coffe Houses
  • ★ Paper delivery
  • ★ Stores
  • ★ Computing
  • ★ Events
  • ★ Traffic Controller
  • ★ Factories

O nível de conhecimento do idioma é fundamental e determinante na hora de buscar e conseguir emprego.

Common Questions:

What kind of job is the easiest to get in Australia?

It depends on how you feel like and what you are willing to do. A job is often easy to find. You will need an Australian resume, a cover letter and depending on the job you intend to get such as in construction or in a bar you will need special licenses, which can be easily obtained.

How much will I make in Australia?

The minimum wage is $19.49 an hour. The wages for each profession are paid without much difference.

I am a psychologist in my country. Can I work as a psychologist in Australia?

Yes you can, but you will need to submit your degree for a validation process within the responsible association for psychologists in Australia, furthermore, in many cases an English proficiency test might be requested along with other documentation.

I am a Graphic designer would I have a chance to get a job in this area?

Yes, there are companies that will be interested to see your portfolio, others will ask for your designer degree or equivalent. What is important to remember is that there are opportunities and they are open to everyone.