About Us

Student Agency with superior customer service. The best schools in Australia for you to have the experience you are looking for and much more.

Think Australia PTY LTD is a Student Consultancy Agency with offices established in Sydney, Australia and in Sao Paulo Brazil. We are able to provide services to students in all South-America and in Australia; we can help you in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Mission: Our mission is to offer study abroad programs in a highly organized and responsible manner, with personalized and individual guidance and student assistance always available thus contributing the most possible with the international experience.

Vision: To be recognized until 2025 as a student agency role model in South America and Australia.

Commitment: We are committed with disseminating genuine and high quality information regarding visas in Australia, cost, and education abroad in general; also committed with individual and personalized assistance to our students.


Continuity: Garantimos qualidade de nossos serviços por todo o período de intercâmbio e em qualquer momento que solicitado.

Ethics: We guarantee integrity in our relationships with clients.

Innovation: We will always prioritize what is best for our students regarding education in Australia at the moment of the consultation.

Pluralism: Respect to other cultures; We add value to the company though sharing different beliefs, tradition, habits and languages.

We have many years of experience working in the Education industry and our interests lay in international mobility. Passion and commitment to our students is what moves us forward.

We work with only a few selected schools that are able to provide the best learning experience. Our agency is superior in professionalism and committed with fulfilling the responsibilities as an education agent required by The National Code 2007.

Agents have completed the Education Agents Training Course (EATC) and have comprehensive understanding of the ESOS Act and National Code.

We look forward to hearing from you, leave us a message!


Think Australia Team