Australian Cities

Australian cities can be very different that's why you should know about them before you choose where to live.


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  • 2.4 million
  • 40min from Queensland coast
  • It is good all year round with a slight seasonality, it becomes better from September onwards.
  • “Go Card” is the transport card of Queensland, you can use it to move around using Light Rails, Train and Bus. Some people choose bikes, but there is not many cycling lanes, also the city is full of hills, making pedalling difficult.
  • Homestay, student house and private apartments.

Brisbane is the third largest city/capital in Australia, it is in Queensland and it has almost 2.5 million habitants.

It is not on the coast but there is a river “Brisbane ”that cuts the centre. The river is surrounded by modern architecture and skyscrapers which give a contemporary image to the city. There are many colleges and universities in Brisbane therefore it is a good option for students. It is 20 km away from Gold Coast. Brisbane also has a famous artificial beach in Southbank, in the commercial centre.

Every weekend the habitants and tourists gather around this area to enjoy some free time.

Gold Coast

  • 565 thousand habitants
  • At the coast of Queensland
  • Seasonal, it gets better from September to May.
  • Light Rail, Bus, private Car and Ubers. * With the transport card of Queensland “Go Card” you pay 10$ for a day and can travel unlimited, otherwise you can buy single trips.
  • Homestay, students houses or private apartments.
Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a city on the coast of Queensland which has got a lot of beaches, it is known worldwide as a must go destination in Australia.

There are 44 km of beaches with crystal clear water in a city with very good infra structure, and at the same time it offers a more laid back lifestyle. There are 500 thousand people living in Gold Coast and many international students.

The public transport is good, manly between Gold Coast and Brisbane. Currently it attracts even more tourists because of its many amusement parks.

Byron Bay

  • 9 thousand habitants
  • At the west Coast of New South Wales
  • There are job opportunities all year round, but the best time to find a job over there is in the early spring.
  • Bike, Public Pus (works until 6 pm), Uber, hitchhiking. The “Opal Card” (transport`s card of New South Wales State), is valid to be used in Byron Bay.
  • Homestay is very commom as first option, but there are others, like sharehouse.
Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a city on the North coast of New South Wales, it is known for its laid-back lifestyle, art, surf and nature. The nearest capital city is Brisbane.

Byron Bay is very important to the contemporary culture of Australia, mainly in regards to surfing. The weather is subtropical, good most of the year round; It is recommended to those looking for a quieter and more relaxed life although the city can have a very energetic nightlife.


  • 4.9 million habitants
  • The Capital city of Victoria State
  • It is well balanced all year round.
  • Light Rail, Train, Bus and Uber. The public transport of Melbourne is the best one of Australia. The transport system operates all night. You can travel around Victoria state using a “Myki Card” (transports card of Victoria State).
  • Students houses, homestay and private apartments are relatively easy to find or lease.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, it has a population slightly smaller than Sydney’s however it is growing fast.

Melbourne is very different from Sydney, but also very multicultural. Like the Australians say, “Melbourne is a city that resembles more Europe, where the down town is also modern but less flamboyant”. It is not on the coast but it is cut by a river “Yarra river”, which was named “South Bank” in one of it sides, and along its margins there are a lot of restaurants and cafés. There is a strong culture of bars, cafés, music, art and Australian football!

Different from Sydney, the weather is not as kind with possible sudden changes during the day and also sharp temperature drops. The winter is also almost European style, very cold! Melbourne also has a great public transport system.


  • 2 million habitants
  • West Coast of Australia, capital of Western Australia.
  • Well balanced all year round although. it slows down during winter.
  • Bus, Trains, Ferries, Uber, Free Buses in the city and bikes. The public transport in Perth can be used with “Smart Rider Card”.
  • Homestay and student houses, however private accommodations such as flats, are very common and easy to be rented over there. Everything depends on the length of stay.

Perth is located on the other side of the Australian continent, facing the Indian ocean. It is the most isolated capital city in the world with the nearest large city being Adelaide 2780 km away.

Perth is a fairly new city but modern, it has developed as a consequence of the mining activity in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Today there are 1.6 million people in Perth and the city has stable economical growth also because of real state investments in the area, which took place a few years back however the main activity in the area remains being mining. The landscape is indescribable, beaches, mountains, cliffs, animals, bush, and as you go deeper into the continent, the outback.


  • 5.2 million habitants
  • At the coast of New South Wales.
  • It is stable during all year round. Sydney is considered to be the city with the most amount of job opportunity.
  • Bus, Trains, Light Rail, Uber, Ferries and Bikes. The public transport card of NSW is the “Opal Card”, the fees are calculated based in the distance and the time of the travel. For daily commuters, you can get a cheaper rate to travel at the weekends.
  • Student houses, Homestay and private apartments, but in Sydney it can be more difficult to rent an apartment due to the documentation requested.

Sydney is the biggest and it has the largest population of all Australia, 5.2 million people. Sydney is a modern city and no doubt it is on top on the list of the most multicultural cities in the world.

It is usually the first option of many international students once they arrive in Australia because besides its high living cost, there are more job opportunities due to the size of the city. There are a lot of beaches, museums, zoos, parks and historic centres. Furthermore, in Sydney you will find two national landmarks “Sydney Opera House” and “ Sydney Harbour Bridge”.

Sunshine Coast

  • 300 thousand habitants
  • 1 hour from Brisbane in Queensland
  • It is well balanced all year round, but the demand increases from September onwards when it is high season.
  • State buses, local buses, Uber and taxis, cars and private motorbikes. The public transport is not that good. There are buses that accept the “Go Card” (Queensland’s transport card) and those buses travel around the four cities of the region.
  • Homestay, Students houses and private apartments.
Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is a region divided into 4 cities, the weather is very pleasant all year round. It’s also highly touristy all year round, it is slightly quieter than busy Gold Coast. It is cut by ocean and it has beautiful beaches and it is located only 100 KM from Brisbane.

Caloundra and Maroochydore are the first cities and have the largest population of the Sunshine Coast. Residents do not know well where one city ends and another one starts. Besides beautiful beaches, bays, a big marine, markets, good infra-structure, busy nightlife, It also has the biggest and most modern shopping centre in Queensland. Accommodation also can get to the half of Sydney’s prices, very affordable.

In Coolum the third and smallest city of the four, it has the concentration of resorts and 5 stars hotels, golf camps, pristine water beaches, restaurants and cafes.

Noosa is the last town of the region and the most sought. It is worldwide known for its high-end restaurants, and boutiques, besides its vast nature. All together makes of it an exuberant place. During high season prices also increase a lot.

In the whole region, surf is considered of high quality and due a high tourism in the area, there is also a balance of availability of jobs.


  • 1.2 million
  • It is the capital of South Australia (SA)
  • It is balanced all year round, the most common jobs are in factories, resorts and restaurants.
  • Light Rails, Trains and Buses, everything is integrated in a system called Adelaide Metro. With one ticket, you can access it all. In Adelaide, bikes are very common because the city is very flat and has many cycling lanes.
  • Homestay, Students houses and private apartments.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, it has 1.2 million people. Adelaide had a different colonization from the rest of Australia, without the “convicts”; there were only European settlers who started hundreds of farms in the valley around the city. Nowadays the region of the valleys is known as Barossa Valley and it is a very important region for wine production in Australia. The region is essential for the local income and generates hundreds of jobs all year round.

Australia’s gastronomy has a special place in Adelaide, it is said that the best chefs in the country are in Adelaide, so it has a strong and growing gastronomic culture.

Adelaide also has man factories, two famous Universities. Adelaide may not be so charming or fun, however it does have a unique architecture and lots of churches! Although it is in the South, it is not as cold as Melbourne in Winter, and in summer temperatures may rise above 40 C! Adelaide also has a coast line with some nice beaches, most of them are a bit far from the CBD but certainly are an option for the weekend.


  • 155.200 habitants
  • North Queensland, Tropical Australia
  • Well balanced all year round, Jobs available most in the tourism industry; resorts e restaurants are more common.
  • Buses, bikes, or private cars. Walking along the city is also possible since it is a small city. To go to places further or to the beaches of Cairns, it is possible to go by private bus.
  • Homestay (very popular) or flats.

Cairns is a small touristic city in north Queensland, the area in known as tropical Australia, hot weather all year round and surrounded by tropical forest. Cairns resembles the South American landscape. Cairns is famous for being one of the cities to stay in if you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, however Cairns is more affordable than other cities.

It is very famous among tourists and scuba diving lovers.

The ref is responsible for making the city a touristic spot and also main income source for the locals. Cairns also attract not only tourists but Young students and foreigners with working rights in Australia.

Although you can see the reef leaving from Cairns, Cairns does not have a beach close by. You have to travel at least twenty minutes by car to go to the beach. Beaches are some of the entertainment options, although in some months it is not advisable to swim the water due the risk of jelly fish and sharks. There are also beaches infested by salt crocodiles!


  • 209.300 habitants
  • On the coast of Tasmania state
  • Many opportunities of carrer though out the year but during the winter casual positions suffer a lower.
  • The transport is not so developed like in other capitals, it consists of buses, or push bikes for some. The system is called “Metro” and the transport card is the called “green card”.
  • Homestay is the most common option for the student upon arrival, but flats and apartments are available too.

Hobart is the capital of the state of Tasmania. It is located in an island (Tasmania) in the south of the continent, a place where the Nature is breathtaking and untouched . It is an option for whom likes places less busy, nature, art, history and of course cold weather! Tasmania is one of the coldest places in the country, very common to see snow throughout the winter. Hobart is 200 hundred years cold and it started and a base for convicts and it is the second oldest city of Australia.

Hobart is a city which is growing fast, and it is attracting many immigrants and students with the purpose of getting a job and a carrer in a place witg less competition. Regarding the structure Hobart is less developed than other capitals, but this is changing.