Language Courses

There are many different English courses available depending on your learning experience and choose one.

Language Courses

General English

This is the perfect course for those who wish to improve their English skills and practice the language in a variety of contexts and different topics.

It is a longer course divided in levels, the duration of each level depends on the development of the student.

For someone who is starting to learn English now, this is the ideal course.

  • ★ Starter-Elementary
  • ★ Pre-Intermediate
  • ★ Intermediate-Upper
  • ★ Intermediate
  • ★ Advanced

IELTS Preparation

This course is focused in training you around the skills requested in the IELTS test. It is recommended for those who are going to take the exam or those who intend to do it in the near future. To enroll in this course it is recommended you to have at least intermediary English level.

Cambridge Preparation

It is also a preparation course for an exam. Our partner schools offer these courses for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. There are two different courses tailored to students depending on which exam they intend to take, FCE (First Certificate), CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English) or CPE (Cambridge Proficiency Certificate).

EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

This course is recommended to whom intends to pursue further studies such as “diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor, graduate diploma among others”, in Australia or in any other English speaking country. Its target is the development of an academic language with the main focuses being reading and writing. The course is also offered in modules; some schools offer it from Intermediary level.

Business English (Also available for holiday courses)

This course is recommended to the ones who seek proficiency in a language more common to the corporate world. There is deep training in regards to the professional environment and its linguistic reaction. This course is also a preparation for the exam BULATS. To participate it is recommended students have finished intermediary level.